know about Healing

The word ‘Healing’ comes from health. Both physical and mental health may be impacted by past impressions and surroundings. ‘Astro’ is derived from Astrology which is a divine science to study the movements and relative positions of celestial objects (planets, zodiacs, nakshtras) as a means for deriving information about human affairs and terrestrial events.

As per Astrology, there are 9 planets, 12 zodiacs and 27 nakshatras which play a vital role in human affairs, starting from birth till death. One can derive various astrological impacts in respect of health, money, family, fame and overall quality of life etc. at various spans of life, by reading and analysing his/her astrological charts based on planetary positions.

An astrological chart has 12 houses and every house represents one part of the body, a relationship and aspects of life as well, and each house has one Zodiac placed in it. Similarly, every zodiac represents one part of our body from head to feet. Every Zodiac is ruled by one of the 9 planets, and also signifies one of the five elements of nature ie Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Sky. Based on the placement of all planets and zodiacs at the time of birth of a human, and the time to time movement of planets across zodiacs and nakshatras, these celestial objects influence humans in negative and positive manner.

On the other hand, as per me, every soul on earth is there since long (may be thousands of years). It’s mentioned in the Bhagwat Geeta that when a soul comes in visible mode, it’s called ‘birth’, and it goes back to invisible mode after death. Breathing is fuel for our soul. Your date of birth is birth date of your five element body and not your soul who is here since ages.

There are many fruitful ways to approach health and healing using astrology. The traditional model of medical astrology correlates the signs and planets with parts of the body and with maladies that are coupled with these; it also makes use of remedies, often herbs or gems that are reputed to act sympathetically or antipathetically to particular planets. Such correspondences can be extremely useful and I’ve certainly learned a great deal from them.

The mind, the body and the environment, and all they contain, form an undivided field and each of our chart features can express themselves in any and all of three main arenas – the inner world of thoughts, beliefs and feelings, the outer world of events and relationships and the interface where these two worlds meet – which is the body. My rough rule of thumb is that when activated by transits, chart factors manifest at the inner level when we are consciously working with an issue, at the outer level via events and relationships when we have yet to become aware of some part of ourselves and in the body when we are semi-aware of what the issue is but for one reason or another we feel afraid, unwilling, unable or not clear enough to deal with the matter at that time.